Saturday, January 12, 2013

MTC Layering Tutorial

If you use a cutting system connected to your computer you know how much fun it is to cut any image you desire in any size you need. But, did you know that some programs will also print?
Several years ago I purchased and downloaded Make The Cut. I connected a USB cable from my Cricut Expression to my computer and I was cuttin'!
Little did I know that soon after that Provo Craft initiated a huge lawsuit against MTC, so now Cricut machines aren't compatible with the current version of MTC. There was an agreement made, however, to allow current subscribers to continue to use the program they purchased. YAY! The only catch, you cannot upgrade your MTC version OR Cricut version. Okay, I can live with that.
While playing around with all the awesome functions (shadow, boolean, weld, join, etc.) I noticed "File" in the upper left hand corner. When I clicked on it I found a whole new aspect of MTC. I can print? Oh yeah, baby!
Not only can you print a basic shape (and then cut the same shape if you desire), you can layer different colors. I love the ability to print white letters on a different color background. It's so much fun and so easy. Here we go!

Select what image you want to layer and print. I'm making a Valentine ATC .
I chose Poor Richard font for the L,V, and E, then grabbed a heart from Basic Shapes (MISC Section).
To make the heart hollow, click the shadow button (I used mitered option so the bottom of the heart wouldn't be rounded) and made it as close I could to be about the same width as the letters.

Next, click on the Boolean function and choose the 2nd option, B to A.

Place your heart and letters how ever you like. Then weld.
Okay, your "love" part is done, let's add a sentiment to go inside.

I changed the font to "Casua", but any are fine. Script fonts look really nice, too.
I used the "TT" function to type "All you" (enter), then "need", (enter), then "is" and enter. This way I can manipulate the words in a way to easily fit in the heart. Re-size pushing in the corner arrows until you get the perfect fit.
Next, highlight the sentiment and click the :new layer" button (R) hand corner. This will separate LOVE from the sentiment. Now, choose a color you would like for your sentiment. I choose dark yellow (actually looks like a dark celery).

Now we're ready for a background color. I could color the LOVE and leave the background white, but why not mix it up a bit? I went back to Basic Shapes and chose a rectangle from "polygons". I enlarged it to exactly 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" (ATC size). Now,  create a new layer for our rectangle.
Click on "LOVE" again, make a new layer (every time you change or add something, you need to re-make a new layer). So, even if you've think you've already made a "New Layer" for an image, it (the layer) will change when you add a new image to your mat.
Using the color palate, choose white, Your image will be outlined in red (won't print red) so you can see where it is.

Now, highlight LOVE and drag over your background. If you can't see it, just click "New Layer" again and it will show up over your background. ***You cannot weld because you have 2 different colors***
Next, hit New Layer again (yeah, you'll get used to doing this a lot!) and add your sentiment inside the heart. If it's too big, just click on it and push in the arrows to shrink it.

You're ready to print your 3 color image! Go to "File", click on the "Print Preview" (to make sure you're inside the margins), then PRINT!
Just get in there and start playing with different options. Trial and error have been my best teachers.
There are also forums and workshops for most of the cutting programs.
Good luck!
Here's my finished ATC
I added Liquid Pearls and punched some little hearts for embellishing.
I hope you've had as fun learning about new functions as I've had showing you! Have a fun crafty day!


  1. hi cissy, i love the card you made, you are very smart! aloha, angi in hana

  2. P.S. i love your blog and all your crafts! angi in hana again