Sunday, May 6, 2012

National Nurses Day


Florence Nightingale 12 May 1820 - 13 August 1910

Today is National Nurses Day and the first day of National Nurses Week, May 6th - 12th. May 12th is Florence Nightingale's birthday. I didn't make a card, but wanted to share some old family pics with you.
My mother: Isla Hall Shutes, RN
My aunt: Bobbie Hall Weathers, RN
Cousin: Marsha Hall Morris, RN
Me: 26 years ago. Still going strong in the ER!

Cousin: Stephanie Hall Bryan, RN, MS, PhD Nursing Research (not pictured)
Cousin: Kassanrdra Pack, RN (not pictured)

I am blessed to come from a family fully immersed in nursing. What a priviledge to have such a rewarding career!
Happy Nurses Day to all nurses!

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