Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Unique Crafters Challenge #6 ~ Glitter and Shine


Wow! What a fun month we're going to have! This month at Unique Crafters we are all dancing in glitter with our shiny shoes! Yes, it's time for Challenge #6, "Glitter and Shine". One very talented winner will receive a fabulous prize package from our sponsor, Scrapbook Unique! There will be 3 runners up, as well.
Creating anything with glitter is the most fun I can have making a big mess! But, I do think it's worth it. Glitter seems to get one's attention and that was exactly my point in making my Fleur de Lis and Geaux Saints stand.
Okay, I'm a HUGE Saints fan and have been for years.....when they were the "aints" I still supported them and it's paid off. Who thought the Saints would ever make it to the Super Bowl? I'm hoping to see them there again. Soon.
Now that you've seen how I can "glitter and shine", I want to see what crafty ideas you have up your sleeve (or craft room). So, get out all those shiny baubbles and beads, sprinkle glitter over everything, and enter this month's challenge!
I used a balloon weight for the base of my stand and LOTS of Paper Glaze! The letters are from Cricut Storybook cartridge. The Fleur de Lis is white cardstock painted gold, then covered on glitter. The edge is painted black (to give it a little depth) and sealed with Paper Glaze.

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